5 ways you can practice Responsible Living

Hello and welcome to another article here at Nature’s Teaspoon where our goal is to stir up change! You might never have heard of the concept of responsible living before and that’s ok! We’re here to help and in this article we’re going to look into what exactly responsible living is and some easy ways

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Reusable Cloth Diapers: What you need to know

A problem faced by the world today is the huge amount of disposable products which enter the global waste stream on a daily basis. There is a single use epidemic everywhere from coffee cups to sanitary products and it is killing our planet!! We need to do something about this and one great way is

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A nice picnic

How to have an Eco-friendly Picnic!

Now the sun is out and everyone’s enjoying the park and the weather why not go for a lovely picnic! In this article I’m going to give you some great tips on the benefits of picnics and why they’re absolutely brilliant but also look at how we can have an experience that really stays with

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Reusable Products- Reduce your Plastic Waste

Recent studies have shown that on average in the last 5 years 320 MILLION TONS of plastic has been generated by the global population. Let that idea sink in for a moment. That’s about 8 million pieces of plastic entering our environment each day. That’s not so good. Plastics end up in our oceans and

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Hi, My Name Is Alex!

Welcome to Nature’s Teaspoon! I am so pleased you decided to visit today 🙂 Here at Nature’s Teaspoon our goal is to help you stir things up for positive change by finding the best reusable products to reduce your plastic waste! So Who Am I? As you probably guessed from the title of this section

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