5 ways you can practice Responsible Living

Hello and welcome to another article here at Nature’s Teaspoon where our goal is to stir up change! You might never have heard of the concept of responsible living before and that’s ok! We’re here to help and in this article we’re going to look into what exactly responsible living is and some easy ways you can incorporate it into your everyday life 🙂

What is Responsible Living?

What is this “Responsible Living” all about then? Sometimes called living deliberately, Responsible Living is the idea that when we live our daily lives we effect the wider world around us through our actions and our choices. Now that all sounds very grand and epic and a little over-facing so Let’s break it down. Most of us here in the modern world have so many luxuries and opportunities presented to us every day which many of us totally forget about like the ability to get coffee pretty much anywhere! Let’s look at this as an example of how responsible living and our choices can be broken down:

  1. You’re on your way out of the house and think “I’d like a coffee from that shop I like before work today”
  2. You’re in a rush so you don’t grab the reusable cup you bought last week
  3. You get to the coffee shop and get a take out order in a NON-RECYCLABLE paper cup!

So in this very basic example the choice presented is do you take your reusable cup knowing that you’ll be getting take out or do you opt for the take out cup from the shop? Millions of people are presented with this choice every day and don’t even register it as a choice at all! This is just one example of how the choices we make influence our wider world as these take out cups are a huge burden on the environment and are produced, used and thrown away at a rate of billions a year in landfills and nature! This is utterly unsustainable but with a little presence of mind this could be eradicated in the future 🙂

You can start today!

Now this article is not meant to frighten you or make you think that it is hopeless to fight against this tide of rubbish we are facing, far from it! We are here to help you start living Responsibly today with these 5 tips anyone can implement into their daily life and which will help to reduce your contribution to the global waste stream 🙂

  1. As we previously mentioned switching to reusable alternatives for drink and food containers rather than single use plastic or other non-recyclable packaging is a big help!
  2. Could you save on carbon and greenhouse gas emissions by walking/cycling or using public transport more often? Walking and cycling in particular have a lot of health benefits and save on fuel too!
  3. Choosing more eco-friendly household products! Over the years advertisers and manufacturers have convinced us that we need things like “Rinse Aid” and “Fabric Softener” but we really don’t! We also don’t need to support huge companies who are owned by other bigger companies just because they have had the largest presence in advertising for decades and are a “trusted” brand. In my house we recently switched to using Smol dish-washer and laundry tablets instead of Ariel as they are much better value, they are environmentally friendly and they are natural!
  4. Avoid fast-fashion! Fast fashion is a huge problem these days with many of us having a) Far too many clothes to actually use effectively and b) Buying these clothes from sources which use unethical practices like poorly paid labour or child exploitation. One great way to help today is to stop buying new clothes unnecessarily and visit charity or thrift shops and small ethical manufacturers! Ditching your old clothes (if you haven’t worn it in 6 months it’s time for it to go) helps you to feel free in mind and body and it really helps de-clutter your space too!
  5. You are what you eat so they say. If that’s true unfortunately a lot of people are processed meats and junk food! Switching your diet up is a big help to the planet particularly if you go plant based. Huge swathes of rain forest are destroyed all the time to make grazing pastures for live-stock destined for McDonald’s burgers and the like. Palm oil production destroys the habitat of species like Orangutans and other native creatures just so it can be processed and put into things like hair conditioners!? By looking at what you eat and where it actually comes from you can be more knowledgeable about the food industry and make more informed choices.
  6. Ok we said 5 tips but here’s one more! Look at what you use in your bathroom and apply the same principles to the products that you would to food. What are you using? Was it made ethically or was it tested on animals? Is it damaging to the environment? (Check the label there is usually a big red sign with dead fish and trees on it to indicate that it is toxic) Drain cleaners and the like are particularly bad for this but there are great companies out there that give fantastic results and don’t damage the environment like eCover (more on them in another article!)

Phew! That was a lot of information wasn’t it? If your head is spinning from all this don’t worry, it’s a lot to think about all at once and we certainly didn’t start Living Responsibly overnight! These tips are just there to help you start looking at your life and which products and practices you use and support to see if there might be ways you could live in a way which is kinder for the Earth and all who live here 🙂 Please don’t attack yourself if you feel that you aren’t living your most responsible life right now because you have the power to change from this very moment 🙂 You have the power to decide and say no to unethical practices and toxic products and doing that one step at a time is all any of us can do 🙂

What do you think of our tips? Do you have any of your own you’d like to share with us and our readers? If so please leave them in the comments below (we love feedback!) and as always have a wonderful day 🙂

Love and Light,

Alex x