Eco Friendly Phone Case: Why Pela Case is Your New Best Friend!

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Pela Case are a wonderful company who specialise in reducing global plastic waste by creating and distributing eco friendly phone cases for a wide variety of smart phones. They have a clear vision and mission statement in mind too; “Here at Pela we have a big, hairy audacious goal. We want to create a waste free future.” (Pela Case, 2019) and they have made massive strides towards this goal since they were founded in 2010.

Pela publish an annual impact report to let everyone know how much their customers are helping to reduce plastic pollution worldwide and the 2018 report stated that a whopping 42,505 pounds of plastic has been removed from the global waste stream through customers purchasing Pela products! Now that is something we can all get behind!


No Plastic!

So you’re probably wondering what Pela cases are made from to be so plastic free…the answer is seeds! Brilliant right? Ok well technically it’s a compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials but it’s all natural goodness and it’s much better than plastic 🙂 (They have a really in depth breakdown of it all on their website’s FAQ if you are interested in the science of it all) The end product is a wonderful phone case which is bio-degaradble, sustainably produced and stylish!

Say no to plastic!


Speaking of stylish lets talk about the next feather in Pela’s cap; their awesome designs! You might worry that something so organic will look dull or ugly but Pela cases are beautifully bright, vibrant and some even come with designs laser-etched into them (like mine).

They often collaborate with artists to create limited edition designs too so you never know what will pop up on their website next! Another cool feature is that each case is completely unique as the flax seeds and other materials come together in a totally random pattern each time so you know that your case is 100% yours.

Stay Fancy!

They’ve got you covered

Pela makes so many cases that most smart phones are catered for and you should be able to find one to fit your device easily and in a huge variety of designs 🙂 Pela caters for every size and shape of iPhone and also other brands such as Samsung devices so no matter your phone of choice, Pela has got your back! I can tell you from personal experience that your phone will be safe when you have a slip up (or your cat decides to crash test it off the desk) and that the natural materials are as strong as can be! They are not indestructible but they are very good and my case has saved my screen multiple times since I bought it over 6 months ago 🙂 They also have plenty of positive reviews in their feedback section if you’re still not convinced!

They’re Nice People 🙂

Pela Case is not only one of the best eco friendly phone cases on the market but they also donate to charity too! Sustainable companies like Pela often donate to charities or non-profit organisations through their income because they are the real deal and they truly believe in what they are doing and making progress towards a waste free world 🙂

Every purchase you make at Pela Case helps to fund these causes (and clean up our oceans in particular), talk about sustainable and responsible living! They are a proud member of the 1% for the Planet movement, an initiative which aims to invest profits from successful companies back into our beautiful natural world and preserve it’s dazzling wildlife and eco-systems for years to come!

Pela are on a mission to do as much good as they can and even embrace the concept of paying it forward literally. Their Pay it forward referral program is a great way to help your friends and family and also donate to some wonderful causes. Each time you buy a Pela product you will receive a referral link and each sale made through that link donates $3 to charity! How wonderful is that!? So when you buy Pela you are helping to protect the Earth as well as your phone! 🙂


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The Best Eco Friendly Phone Case Around!

There you have it! Thank you very much for reading and I hope I have helped you decide whether Pela Case is for you (I hope it is!) They really are a great company and their cases are just brilliant for you and the environment too, so there’s no downside 🙂

Pela are even expanding their range to include things like extra strong cases, a natural screen protecting solution (yes it’s like magic!) and even wallet add-ons for iPhone so you can store your bank cards easily and without taking up pocket/bag space with a purse or wallet! I really do love Pela and they are one of my favourite environmentally focused manufacturers alongside (see my article about them here).

If you would like to purchase a Pela case I would greatly appreciate it if you did so through my affiliate link as I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you and it will help me to keep blogging and bringing you lovely people more eco goodness!

As always I hope you have found this article helpful! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet here at Nature’s Teaspoon and please feel free to comment or contact me at I’d love to hear your feedback!

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