Ecoffee Cup Review: The Best Reusable Coffee Cups Around?

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Today I’m going to take a topic I touched on in my previous article and dive a little deeper: reusable coffee cups. There’s a lot of them around and a huge amount of choice but which is the best? I’m going to tell you a bit about my favourite reusable cups company: ecoffee cup! I’m not getting paid by them to do this review I just really love their product, let me tell you why 🙂


My ecoffee cup

Here’s my own cup 🙂


ecoffee cups come in a HUGE amount of designs and colours! There are some more limited edition designs by guest artists, patterned designs or block colours (which I still love) and you can mix and match any combination of lid, sleeve and cup design to your liking. My personal cup (above) has my two favourite colours (orange and black) in a lovely geometric design and I love it! You can buy the lids and sleeves separate too so if you need a replacement (like I did, but more on that later) or you want to have multiple cups with different colours you can!


Made from natural materials ecoffee cups are toxin free and incredibly durable. They are totally dishwasher safe from lid to sleeve (which is really useful for getting those coffee stains out) and have a very long life if cared for properly. I have found that they are very durable too and if dropped or knocked off the table they don’t break or crack 🙂 The sleeves supplied by ecoffee cup are made of silica and do a great job of insulating the heat from the cup so you don’t burn yourself (although I have found if boiling water is put into the cup it can heat up quite fast so be aware of this). Another great feature is the silica lid provided with your cup which features a leak-proof seal and a handy stopper to keep your beverage from making a break for it!

Customer Service

Now we come back to that replacement I mentioned earlier. A while ago I lost my lid for my beloved coffee cup whilst out and about in town (I had it in my backpack side pocket and it must have fallen off as I was moving around) and I was left with an empty cup staring back at me when I next went to take a drink! “Great” I thought “Now I’ll have to buy a new one” but, dear reader, I didn’t! Ecoffee cup has the foresight to sell their sleeves, lids and stoppers separately for occasions such as this and I was able to get a replacement in no time. Furthermore, I emailed the customer services department (before I knew about the accessories being sold separately) and they sent me one for free! They really are a company that cares 🙂

Charity Work

This brings me onto my next reason for promoting this wonderful company, their charity work. Currently ecoffee cup are working with Project Waterfall, a charity which aims to bring safe, clean drinking water to those in coffee growing communities, you can learn more about them here They have worked with 3 artists who each designed a unique cup for their Project Waterfall range and a percentage of profits goes towards the charity from their sale.

So What Do You Think?

There you have it, that’s my take on ecoffee cups! I really love their products and their attitude to change in both the coffee consuming and coffee growing communities around the world and they do it all with a quality product and artistic flair! I would highly recommend you go and check them out at and see for yourself 🙂

If you would like to purchase one through our affiliate link here it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Love and Light,


Founder at Nature’s Teaspoon