How to have an Eco-friendly Picnic!

A nice picnic

Now the sun is out and everyone’s enjoying the park and the weather why not go for a lovely picnic!

In this article I’m going to give you some great tips on the benefits of picnics and why they’re absolutely brilliant but also look at how we can have an experience that really stays with us through those summer days and one which we’ll look back on fondly in the winter months when we’re cosy around the fire.


A picnic basket

The number one eco benefit of picnics is that we often don’t need a lot of packaging! When we go to a deli counter in either a large super market or a local shop we often don’t get much packaging with the things we buy as we purchase a larger quantity of the materials for making our food. This is great! It means that you are actively avoiding adding that extra waste to the global waste stream and you’ve probably saved money too by buying in bulk.

Think how much packaging would be saved if we just get things that aren’t wrapped in plastic and we have reusable bags instead! Taking a reusable water bottle is another fantastic way to further reduce the waste you generate and you can put all sorts of tasty treats in them too like smoothies! If you are interested in learning more about reducing your plastic waste then please read my previous article here.

Imagine a lovely big picnic basket made from whatever material you like, it could be metal, plastic, wooden or wicker with any kind of decoration you can think of!

You can find some great choices at the Ultimate Green Store and you can be sure they are kind to both people and the Earth 🙂 There are also have some more options here 🙂

By the way, my picnic basket would be wooden with a nice linen cloth over the top and sturdy wooden handles and some flourishes of red in ribbons or sashes 🙂



Connecting with Nature

In touch with nature

Reconnecting with nature whether it’s in your local park a nearby forest or another natural beauty spot is very important, especially in today’s modern world when so many people are disconnected from source. To have a picnic and really commune with nature and enjoy that connection is incredibly important! This blog is about reusable products yes but first and foremost it’s about how we can all live in harmony with the Earth and how we can reconnect. Of course part of that is looking after the planet and being more aware of our decisions, living more deliberately and in tune with the Earth but it’s also about how we can get back in touch with nature!

Let’s just get rid of the smart phones, laptops and other distractions for a while and simply sit in nature, enjoy each other’s company and talk to each other! No phones, no tablets, no distractions…just enjoying the experience. There are few pleasures more satisfying in life than being in nature and truly being in touch with your surroundings and your friends and family. In addition, it’s a great chance for physical nourishment too! This leads me onto my next point, the food!

Making your own Food

Some tasty ingredients!

Preparing for a picnic is a wonderful chance to whip up some tasty food! It doesn’t have to be fancy, anything from a simple sandwich and a flask of tea to a full feast will do! The experience is the most important thing after all! However, the food is a great part of that experience and it can be a great time to try out a new recipe you’ve been waiting to have a go at or make an old favourite to go out and enjoy 🙂 Personally I like cooking the same sort of things regularly so my picnic would probably be composed of:

  • A fruit smoothie
  • A banana
  • A mixed vegetable stir-fry with tofu in black bean sauce
  • Some vegetable crisps (chips)

What would be in your perfect picnic? I’d love to hear about them in the comments 🙂

Another great benefit of making your own food from ingredients is that you save a lot more money! Buying ingredients like meat or cheese in bulk is much cheaper than the packaged varieties and fruits and vegetables are cheaper still (especially if purchased from a local vendor).

Heading out?Looks nice!

The weather is turning hot! We can go to the beach, we can go to the forest, we can go to the park and all these places the year round seem to be littered with plastic and rubbish and garbage but that doesn’t have to be the case! This summer express yourself and make your commitment to a greener life 🙂

Now go out and get a lovely picnic basket, a reusable water bottle and treat yourself to some good food and good times! Remember what you put in your body is reflected in how you feel so juice up and eat green my friends! 🙂

I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have any suggestions about other picnic ideas and your other benefits if you just want to tell me how you picnic was ok thank you very much for reading I’ll see you later!

Love and Light,

Alex (Founder)