The Reusable Lunch Box: Reduce Your Impact Today!

Healthy lunch!

Getting a reusable lunch box might seem an odd choice at first but in this article I am going to run through some benefits of owning one, what they can be used for and how they can really help you reduce the amount of waste you generate as a consumer!

Hi guys! Alex here with another article aimed at reducing your impact and helping you live your best earth-friendly life 🙂 Today we’re going to be talking about purchasing a reusable lunch box and why they might be one of the best kept secrets out there for helping you go green!

They are reusable!

OK so some of you might be saying “Well obviously they are!” at this point but hear me out. How often do you grab a sandwich on the go or get a packet of something or other to snack on be it fruit, crisps ( chips for my American readers) or chocolate? Each one of these packaged items produces a piece of waste that is then entering the global waste cycle and has to be processed. See I told you I knew where I was going with this 🙂

So if you reduce your packaging you reduce your waste! Reusable lunch boxes have a big advantage here as they can be filled with all sorts of wonderful things which do not need additional packaging! Fresh fruit, home-made sandwiches (or those bought from a local business without packaging), biscuits, the list is

endless! So whilst you may think this wouldn’t have a significant impact it really does! Less packaging entering the global waste cycle is good news for all of us, particularly the planet!

They come in a HUGE VARIETY!

The traditional design

The next big plus for reusable lunch boxes is that they come in all sorts of different colours, shapes, materials and patterns! As a mentioned before in my ecoffee cup (here) and Pela Case (here) articles having a huge amount of choice when it comes to the design and style of your product is a great opportunity to e yourself 🙂 I love bright colours and patterns on my reusable items personally because I love how joyful they make me feel (plus I know I’m helping the Earth too!) You can personalise them any way you like too which is always fun!

Most are plastic of some sort (most of you will have bought a plastic tub at some point already and these are great lunchboxes) but there are options available for more eco-friendly plastics and plastic alternatives. Now you might be saying at this point “but surely plastic is bad” and to an extent you’re right. However, buying a plastic item once (which many of us already own) and reusing it daily is far better and more sustainable than constantly buying packaged products and throwing that packaging away!

Fresh and Safe

A lunch box

Reusable lunch boxes have been designed to keep your tasty food nice and fresh and secure in almost any environment! I mean your dollar store plastic container won’t protect your food from extremes of temperature or damage but it is still a lot better than the cardboard or plastic packaging on offer from most prepackaged foods!

I don’t know about you but I have definitely had times when my cardboard sandwich box has been crushed in my bag on my way to work or on public transport and I open it later to find the sandwich inside destroyed! This is a problem lunch boxes really help with, you could think of them as sandwich armour! 🙂 If you store them properly in a refrigerated environment or away from direct sunlight they do a great job of keeping your food fresh for longer too!

Price Tag


As I mentioned before you can pick up a great reusable lunch box or alternative from most dollar stores/pound shops and they will still do a great job! This is an area where you can get involved for a very small investment (under $5) and see big changes (how many other things can do that!). Well maybe a lucky lottery ticket, but that won’t keep your banana from getting pulverised in your purse will it?

There is no limit to how much you can spend on your lunch box really but most of us are happy with a good, solid product which does its job well. All the extra bits like cooling mechanics, UV protection, and locks are nice extras but they aren’t necessary for making a great start to your renewable life!

How do you feel now?

What do you think

So have I convinced you to go and raid your kitchen for your newest eco-friendly item? Here are the key points why I think getting a reusable lunch box is a great investment:

  • They really reduce your waste production
  • They can be really personal and creative
  • They do a great job of protecting your food and keeping it safe (and in one piece!)
  • They are affordable for everyone!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this article and hear any tips or tricks you have found that help reduce our consumption of packaged products!